Unlocking 23,000 funding opportunities for researchers

Client: Mendeley/Elsevier
Project: Product design
Role: Product & UX designer
Year: 2017

For researchers it’s a hassle to find the right funding opportunity out of +23,000 funding opportunities. I designed a product for researchers to make their search more strategic and easier.

From user need to agile scrum

In 2016 the Mendeley Funding team started with thinking to develop a product which makes find funding opportunities easier for researchers.

To build the product on a solid foundation we started with gaining customer needs. We interviewed multiple researchers and mapped their process for finding funding opportunities. Based on these results we created and validated design concepts. This resulted in a detailed understanding of user goals, top-tasks and pain points. Out of these findings, we created a range of deliverables to onboard stakeholders and start building Agile Scrum.

My role in project

In this process, I was responsible for overall user experience, concept design, wireframing, prototyping, interaction, and visual design. I kept the balance between internal and external stakeholders, with the end user in mind.

Personal learnings
  • Building products within large companies.
  • Work together with multiple internal & external stakeholders.
  • Keeping the right spirit in the team.
Business results
  • Creating an optimal workflow in product design.
  • A better understanding of the user needs and data
  • Final go for the development of two related funding products