Elsevier.com Content Editors Guide

Creating a guide for content editors for the global website of Elsevier.com. To improve user experience, and scalability.

In the future every country domain of Elsevier will be taken over by the Elsevier.com domain. To roll-out this process as smooth as possible, we started to optimize the Elsevier.com website to make it's scalability better.

Elsevier.com is owned by +10 internal content editors. Every editor owns his own domain, reflected in keypages. On those keypages communication (content structure, visuals, storytelling, cta's, eg.) were different, because of a gap in communication between content editors. Therefore we started the process to align content editors in a Content Editors guide.

To get a complete understanding of the topic I started with desk research to find the main inconsistencies on Elsevier.com, read user research reports and interviewed content editors. Out of these findings, we focused on three topics:

1. Tone of voice
To create more awareness with the brand by content editors, I created a compressed master brand guide with subjects like the master brand, design principles, writing for digital, localization, SEO, use of images, etc to make more use for content editors.

2. Page information structure
The most important pages on elsevier.com were the most conflicting in the content structure of. I took based on best practices, analytics, and feedback of the content editors, what the content hierarchy on pages should be.

3. Creating pages in CMS and implement design components
All content editors had their own process in creating their pages. To make Elsevier.com more consistent and lean I created a preferred way of working together with editors.

Personal learnings
  • Align and convince +10 content editors about the new way of working.
  • Created complex descriptions for power users
  • Implemented a LEAN process
Business results
  • Elsevier.com replace all country websites with the content guide as the directory.
  • Better and more consistently told stories on the corporate website.

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