The rise of a news platform

Elsevier is one of the largest academic publishers with multiple communities. Each community has their own news section on Elsevier.con. To enable a less fragmented experience, we created a news section on for all communities.

Beginning 2016 the question came to Elsevier operations to create a platform for news articles on This way articles become easier to publish, increased traffic to and a less fragmented user experience.

We started this project with a 3-days kick-off workshop to get a full understanding of all stakeholders. All requirements wishes from users, and strategy, were formulated into project objectives as end-goal in this project. To get a better understanding of users, we interviewed power-users and the best read editors.

This resulted in a detailed understanding of the user goals, top tasks, and pain points. I created two layout concept for a news article and news platform homepage, based on the brand guide of Elsevier. We validated these with users and the business. Out of these findings, we created a range of deliverables to onboard stakeholders and start building Agile Scrum.

Merging five blogs into one impacts the information architecture heavily. Luckily, all news articles on the community blogs were already indexed by category. We made the categories structure simpler and created a new category top level.

In this process, I was responsible for overall user experience, concept design, wireframing, prototyping, interaction and visual design. I worked closely together with internal and external stakeholders, product owner, and the development team.

Personal learnings
  • Deep dive in information architecture.
  • Know what fidelity to choose when you want to discuss page goals and layouts.
Business results
  • 78% more visitors to the Elsevier Connect platform.
  • Bounce rate decreased by 34%.
  • 23% more shares, and over 20.000 extra unique visitors.

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