Hi, I'm Bart van Asperen - UX designer at User Intelligence

In the wide range of User Experience I love to create clean, focused and powerful experiences. I combine design and research to find the best digital solution and optimize the User Eexperience.

I'm at my best working in a lean and scrum environment. To work closely in a collaborative way with business, stakeholders and the development team as a hands-on User Experience designer.

My main focus

Lean ideation

Coming up and design the best digital solution. Research the design with the user. Optimize the concept and restart the process.

User Experience

Love to keep the overview in the overall experience of the user. With a passion for small details and discussion with stakeholders, business and development team.

UI/UX design

Combining interaction and visual design to improve the User Experience. Love to create clean and pleasing interactions. Visualized in a aesthetical way with an agile approach.

Current project
Mendeley Funding product

At this moment I'm working as Product Designer on the launch of a product whithin Mendeley. We're creating an innovative product that will make lives of researcher much easier...

Companies I work(ed) with

In the last eight years I had the pleasure to work closely together with a number of national and international clients. Together we achieved a better user experience.

How can I help you?